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Our FOCUS centers on pain management, orthopaedics and spine centers, and rehabilitation centers that want to bring instrument drug testing to their offices and clinics



This is me with Judith Yost, MA, MT(ASCP) Director, Lab Services, CMS

She is the head of the CLIA program.



You have 3 choices to meet Physician Office Laboratory regulatory  compliance


1. You Can Ignore It. Still, it will not go away. Performing lab test without proper licensure or proper documentation can generate fines starting at 50,000 and/or criminal prosecution.


2. Manage It Yourself. Do you really want to add laboratory compliance and management to all the things already involved in managing a medical practice?


Questions to ask:


Are my test accurate and economical?

Do I have a Quality Assurance Plan in use and active?

Am I performing Quality Control as needed and monitoring the results?

Are my employees trained properly and documented?

Does my lab meet the standards of CLIA, COLA or JCAHO?


3. Use a system that assures compliance. Our company can handle all components of physician office laboratory compliance. From laboratory start-up to post-inspection corrections and follow-up, we strive to assure profitability and compliance with the regulations

The Three Biggest Physician Office Laboratory Challenges and How We Can Help

1. Declining reimbursement for lab test. We can show you how to save money with careful product selection and proper medical test coding.

2. Staffing and training for an in-house laboratory.  We can pre-screen applicants, train all employees, and provide proper documentation.

3. Laboratory management and compliance monitoring. You have your lab set up, what now ? CLIA expects ongoing management and a Quality Assurance Plan in use and in action. We can provide a simplified management plan and periodic visits to insure compliance.



We offer a turn-key approach to Urine Drug Screening

Due to federal regulation changes, Waived urine drug testing is no longer feasible or profitable.

We offer a turn key approach that includes instrumentation, set-up, training, reagent contract, service agreement and a complete CLIA compliance program. All manuals, forms, procedures and training to meet the CLIA standards plus assistance with upgrade of your CLIA status.